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Free Garden Plans

15 Jan

Spring is coming to town any time soon, so we have to be prepared. Being taken aback by this wonderful season would be unpleasant, so in this article we show you several woodworking projects that you can do in just a few days, but which will influence your life to a great extent. Either we speak of furniture projects or about vegetable projects, you are the one that makes the final choice.

As you can imagine, the list of garden plans is endless, so you should make a short list with the projects most appealing to you. An outdoor sofa is ideal for a patio, as it is a great way to spend your time in the middle of nature. There are many designs, but you can involve yourself in the process, as to add a touch of character to the project.

Daybed plans

If you have a nice house with a porch, then you could take into account the possibility of building a cozy swing. Use these porch swing building plans and invest in the best materials you can afford. There are so many choices out there, but select them with attention, as you will see the difference on the long run. Although the initial investment might seem large, on the long run you will save money with repairs and other necessary steps.

A greenhouse is another option you have to upgrade your backyard. As you can probably imagine, you need to select from a free standing greenhouse and an attached greenhouse. Select a proper location, as the surface needs to be level and able to support the weight of the construction.

Buidling a round picnic table

Last but not least, if you want to create a small serving area in your very own backyard, we recommend you to pay attention to the diagram. A round picnic table is a fancy choice that requires more woodworking skills, but with little attention and with the help of a friend, the end result will be up to your expectations.

Lots of garden plans at the link. Click on the link and be amazed of the multitude of free projects for your backyard.

Picnic shelter plans

10 Jul

If you spend most of your weekends outside in your backyard and you are also a big gourmand, we suggest you to consider building a nice pavilion in your garden. Nevertheless, we must say there are certain things that you should know before starting the actual construction project. Therefore, we recommend you choose proper plans and to plan all the steps of the construction in a professional manner. If you have no previous and relevant experience in woodworking, we recommend you to ask a skilled friend to assist you. In this manner you can also hang out with your friend while enhancing the look of your garden.


If you want something more complex than a picnic table, we strongly recommend you to consider building a nice gazebo. Irrespective of your option, you should know that there are several cases in which your constructions require a building permit. Therefore, it is essential to go to the town hall and to ask them information about the legal requirements concerning your project.

Design the picnic shelter according to the dimensions of the picnic table you are going to place inside the constructions. Don’t forget that you can adjust the size and the shape of the shelter in any way, so that you can even place two tables inside the construction. Plumb the posts with a spirit level and lock all the components tightly, if you want to get the job done in a professional manner.

Simple Greenhouse Plans

25 Dec

If you want to grow your own vegetables and to adopt a healthy lifestyle, you should consider building a small greenhouse. From the very beginning, we must say that you need a few things if you want to have fresh vegetables all year, from spring to winter. First of all, you need a small wooden greenhouse, as it will be large enough to plant a large variety of vegetables and to let them develop properly. Nevertheless, you also need covered raised garden beds, which can be placed inside the greenhouse or outside, according to your needs. The covered planter will be extremely handy, when growing lettuce or other weather-resistant plants, during the cold days.

Building a simple greenhouse

Greenhouse plansA simple greenhouse doesn’t require a lot of work nor a significant investment, as you can get the job done with spare materials, such as 2×4 lumber. Nevertheless  make sure the slats are in a good condition, otherwise it will not resist to the humidity inside the construction. Basically, you need to build two side panels for the side walls, as if you would build a shed. Secure the studs to a bottom and a top plate, using 3” wood screws. If you want to get a professional result, we recommend you to drill pilot holes. Choose the basic greenhouse plans, if you want to get the job done by yourself.

Check if the corners are right-angled, before installing the frames into place. Secure them into place temporarily, before attaching the 2×4 rafters. From our experience, a greenhouse with a gable roof looks good, is easy to build and drains the water or snow properly. Cut one end of the rafters at 30 degrees and the other one at 60 degrees, using a good miter saw. Plumb the trusses on a level surface and secure them into place with 3 1/2” wood screws.

Build a small frame out of 2×2 lumber for the door and secure it into place with hinges. Cover the structure with polyethylene film and start growing vegetables.

Building a small raised bed

Raised bed componentsIf you are a beginner when it comes to gardening  you should definitely consider building a raised garden bed. From our experience, a properly built garden bed would save you from a lot of work and supply your family with fresh and tasty vegetables. In addition, if you install PVC arches and cover the structure with film, you can even increase the temperature with several degrees. In thus manner, you will be able to grow vegetables during the whole year.

Make sure you use proper lumber, such as cedar or redwood boards, as they are weather resistant. In addition, we strongly recommend you to install landscaping fabric on the inside of the planter, if you want to keep the weeds away. Install nice trims on top of the frame, to enhance the look of the garden raised bed and to get a nice place to sit when taking care of your vegetables.