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Diy brick berbeque plans

24 Jul
Diy brick bbq plans

Diy brick bbq plans

Building a brick bbq in your garden is one of the best option you have,  if you like to spend time with your friends, especially during the hot summer afternoons. In addition, if you are the kind of person that likes to trough a party from now and then, a brick barbeque and a large patio are the tings you need to entertain your family and friends. If we also consider that any American loves good barbecues, you should take up the plunge and build a barbeque in your backyard by yourself. Choose the right outdoor barbeque plans for your needs and budget, before starting the job by yourself.

Although a diy bbq project might seem a very complex job, we can assure you it’s just a straight forward task. Just choose the plans with lots of attention, buy proper materials and select the location according to the building codes. Even if you might think that such a small project doesn’t require a building permit, it is always better to be rather safe than sorry. Go to the local department and ask them the legal requirements regarding the construction of an outdoor brick barbeque. In most of the cases, you have to comply with a few requirements, like the depth of the foundation or the distance you have to leave from the property line.

We also recommend you to consider building a large patio to the brick barbeque. A large patio is a great place to set a table with several chairs. Plan these aspects to the littlest detail, before getting the job started. In this manner, you would be able to trough parties and to ask your friends to come by at a nice barbecue. A barbeque should also come with a nice design, as to make it one of the focus point of your backyard.

A bbq requires special maintenance, therefore you have to know what to expect before starting the project by yourself. Similarly, a wooden pergola and a patio should be cleaned regularly, using appropriate products. In addition, if you want to protect the wood from wood decay and water damage, apply several coats of paint every 3 years or so.


Brick pit plans

Brick pit plans

The construction of the diy barbeque plans shouldn’t be difficult for an amateur handyman, if you use the right plans and materials. First of all, you need to pour the concrete foundation and let it to dry out properly for 94  hours.  Afterwards, you could begin laying the regular bricks into place. Therefore, you should prepare a small quantity of mortar in a rubber bucket and spread it on the foundation, using a small trowel. In order to glue the bricks together properly, you should  tap them gently with a rubber mallet.

If you really want to get an unique design, you could also build a wooden shelter above the barbeque. Work with good judgement, in order to obtain a neat look and a professional job.

You need to install the metal braces into place, before the concrete dries out, as they will support the barbeque grill. Work with attention and with great care, if you want to get the job done like a pro. Nevertheless, if you don’t have enough time or expertise in the field to start such a complex project by yourself, we recommend you to buy a good diy kit. The kit comes with step by step instructions, therefore you could install the parts together easily.

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