How to tape drywall joints

3 Feb

Next on the project list is to learn how to mud and tape the drywall joints. If this looks intimidating or you are a perfect noob when it comes to diy projects, I recommend you to take your time and to read these tips. Even if you will never undertake a similar project on your own, this will be a useful reading. Invest in high quality materials and visualize everything before starting the project, so you can save time and money. I “stole” a few ideas from this awesome tutorial so make sure you don’t miss it, for more images and for more tips coming from true professionals.


How to tape drywall joints



First of all you need to attach the fiberglass mesh to the seams, making sure you center it into place. Use your fingers to press it to the seams. It may look as a silly advice, but make sure you apply the mesh to the seams using the glue side oriented to the wall. Use a cutter to adjust the size of the mesh.

Next, mix a small quantity of drywall compound. You might have to add some water to thin it a little, so you can work with it easier. Use a 6″ drywall knife to apply an even and constant layer of mud to the seams. Leave it for 12 h to dry out and then apply a new layer, this time using a 10″ knife. Focus on the transition between the coat of mud and the wall, trying to make them as smooth as possible. Leave the second coat to dry out for at least 12 hours.

Use sandpaper to smooth the surface before applying the final coat of mud. Use a 12″ putty knife to apply the third coat evenly. After it dries out, you need to use a sponge to remove the dust and to even out the surface. Check out more here:


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