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Diy Pergola Plans

18 Apr

Building a pergola is one of those constructions that really liven up the look of any garden, especially if the right plans and tools are used. The options you could choose from are virtually endless, as a pergola can take almost any size and shape. Work with attention and with great care from the very beginning, if you want to prevent mistakes and to keep the costs under control.

Strange as it might seem, there are lots of pergola plans free that contain step by step details and come with detailed diagrams. Make sure you look over the instructions before starting the actual constructions, as there are many things that you should take into account. The plans should come with all the materials needed for the job, their size and a few information about the woodworking techniques required for the job.

Diy pergola plans

Pergola Plans

Pergola Plans

If you really want an unique construction in your yard, there are a few tricks that could help you achieve this. First of all, we recommend you to build the pergola in a nice octagonal shape, exactly as in the image.

Using 6×6 lumber will help you create a nice effect and to enhance the shape and the proportions of the backyard pergola. Always check if the support beams are perfectly horizontal before fitting the shade elements. If you need more shade, you could cover the roof with a dense textile material.

Diy Pergola

Diy Pergola

If you want a different designs, you could build a gazebo-pergola. As you can easily see in the image, building a gazebo requires more materials and complex woodworking techniques, but anyone can get the job done if the right plans and tools are used.

Moreover, you could build basic benches on all sides of the gazebo and install a simple table in the middle of the surface. Adjust the design of the railings to your needs and work with great attention. A pergola isn’t the most complex diy project, but it still requires attention, quality tools and accurate measurements.


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Diy pizza oven plans

13 Apr

Building an outdoor pizza oven in your backyard is one of those projects that would make a great impact on the look of your property. Nevertheless, there are a few tricks you should know, before starting the job by yourself. Get the needed information for your local building department, as there are several legal requirements you have to comply with. In most of the cases, you need to obtain a building permit, there you should leave a certain distance from the property line or pour a sturdy concrete foundation.

Outdoor KitchenPizza oven plans

First of all, you need to choose the right diy pizza oven plans for your needs and budget, otherwise the end result might not raise to your expectations. Study several alternative and choose the ones that are appropriate for the design and size of your backyard.

If we are speaking in terms of taste, there are very few or none appliances capable of matching the aspect and the flavor of a homemade pizza in a brick oven. while in the past decades, building a brick oven was very expensive and a very complex job, nowadays there are more option for any budget: buying a kit, hiring a professional contractor or doing the job by yourself..

One of the most important aspects when building an outdoor pizza oven, is to make sure there is enough space for such a construction. If you want the real thing, build a wood-fired pizza oven in your backyard, as an indoor project would be unsafe, because of the poor ventilation. Nevertheless, there are also ovens designed for indoor use, but they need large rooms and come at a prohibitive price.

Building a pizza oven

Outdoor kitchenIf building a wood fired pizza oven is a complex job, and if you want an efficient process, you should consider installing a gas appliance. Moreover, if gas is already installed into your home, the fitting is a straight forward job. That is why, you should focus more on choosing the oven with a design that match the rest of the interior style.

If you want to place the oven outdoor, you can choose from many options. On one hand, you could install a stainless steel appliance in backyards, that works on gas or electricity. These professional appliances are ideal for busy persons, as they require basic maintenance and are really easy to use. Nevertheless, no gas or electricity-powered oven could match the taste of a home backed pizza, in a brick oven.

If you want to make your backyard a great place for parties, building a wood burning pizza oven is the best choice. In this manner, the traditional look of bricks and stone would enhance the appearance of your backyard and you will impress your friends every time you trough a party.

Buying a pizza oven kit

Another way to get the job done is to buy a kit or a commercial pizza oven. While the kits come at affordable prices and are designed for amateur use, a commercial oven is great for intensive use. Therefore, if you have a restaurant or host parties with many guests, buying a professional oven is a great solution to your needs.

Assess your needs from the very beginning with great care, if you want to obtain a proper result. Buying a commercial oven, if you rarely use it, is a waste of money and space. Don’t forget to protect the construction from water damage, by building a light wooden shelter above the brick oven.