Diy pizza oven plans

3 Jul

Building a diy pizza oven

Building a pizza oven

Building a pizza oven

Building an outdoor pizza oven plans in your garden is one of those projects that would change dramatically the look f your backyard and add value to your property. You have probably seen many pizza oven plans and designs, therefore you have a large variety of projects to choose from. Nevertheless, there are many issues that might come up during the construction process, if you don’t pay attention to the main steps and don’t use the right tools.  The best part of the construction process is that you can get the job done in a professional manner, even if you don’t have expertise in the field.

From our own experience we can say that anyone can learn the basics about  building an outdoor pizza oven, if  you follow this step by step article. Work with good judgement and plan everything from the very beginning. One of the biggest mistakes that can be done is to underestimate the importance of the planning phase. You should either buy professional plans, that come in exchange of a small charge, or you could search on the internet free plans. Moreover, encourage your family to come up with creative inputs and try to harmonize them in a beautiful project.

Building a brick oven using diy plans

Outdoor pizza oven

Outdoor pizza oven

After you have the plans that satisfy your needs and budget, you should select a location that comply with the local building codes. There are many legal requirement that regulate many aspects of the construction, such as the size of the shed, the depth of the footing and the materials used. We strongly recommend you to consult the specialists in the building department, before starting the actual project.

On the other hand, there are several tools and materials you have to use in order to work like a pro. Therefore, you should know that you need a wet saw, a tape measure, a concrete mixer, a miter saw and safety gloves. If you don’t afford to buy these tools, we recommend you to rent them for a few days.

The location of the pizza oven influences the success of any project, therefore you have to study the matter thoroughly. Make sure the location complies with the local building codes. Moreover, the pizza oven should be placed near your house, near a large patio or deck. If you really want to impress your friends, you should add a barbeque, an outdoor stove, several wooden cabinets and stainless steel appliances.

Buy the materials required for the job, from your local diy store, using the lists that comes with the free pizza oven plans. In order to get the best offer, we recommend you to ask estimates from several stores and to choose the best products in terms of quality and money. The bricks should be in a good condition, meaning they shouldn’t have cracks or other visible flaws. Store the materials in your shed or on a horizontal surface, otherwise they might get damaged over time.

Building an Outdoor Pizza Oven

Outdoor bbq plans

Outdoor bbq plans

First, you need to pour a sturdy concrete foundation, otherwise the construction might surpass over time. Dig 10” in the ground, install a wooden form and a reinforcing net, before pouring the concrete. Let the concrete dry out for a few days and afterwards continue the project.

Building the base of the outdoor pizza oven plans is a straight forward process, if you use the right materials and tools. Place the concrete blocks on the foundation and build the walls, from concrete blocks. Mix a small quantity of mortar and spread it on the blocks, before laying the rest of the concrete bricks. Afterwards, build a wooden form and pour the concrete counter-top.

Last but not least, you have to build the brick dome and install the chimney. Work with great care when laying the bricks and adjust their size, with a wet saw, if needed. The chimney is high enough to direct the smoke far away from flammable substances and wooden constructions, to prevent potential issues. You could also add an insulation over the brick dome, using a mix of concrete and vermiculite.

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