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How to build a simple shed

21 Jun

Plans for Storage Sheds

If you are a handy person and you have enough time to undertake such a complex project, you can build a basic shed in just one week. Nevertheless, you need to follow a certain procedure, if you want to get a professional result. That is why, you should choose the right free garden shed plans for your needs, tastes and budget and select the location for your construction.

If you are considering building  a storage shed by yourself, you will have to find the right plans, to make the construction simple and to avoid the common issues. Fortunately, there are many different blueprints to choose, therefore it is a real challenge to find the plans and designs that satisfy best your needs and tastes. There are gable sheds, sheds with gambler roofs, or lean-to constructions that are ideal to be attached to your house or to a concrete fence. The easiest way to obtain the plans is to search on the internet. Moreover, you should know there are shed plans that are free, while others come at a small cost.  Nevertheless, you should also read books specialized in this field and magazines that provide ideas and tips regarding the building process.

Building a simple shed

Garden shed plans free

Garden shed plans free

Afterwards, you have to decide the size of the backyard construction, and check the local building codes, in order to obtain the needed permits. For example, you have to know the  distance between the shed and the property line, the depth of the concrete footings, the size and the materials you need to get the job done. Nevertheless, there are certain cases in which you don’t need a building permit, so make sure you go to your local department from the very beginning.

Next, you should buy the required materials and rent the tools needed for the construction. In most of the cases, you need to use the following tools: hammer, circular saw, drill and drill bits, ladder, framing square, level, screwdriver, tape measure, protective gloves and safety eyeglasses. If you have enough time to build a storage shed plans by yourself, you could save a significant amount of money. On the other hand, you could also buy a kit or a hire a team of qualified builders. As you probably imagine, assembling a shed kit is a straight forward process, as it comes with all the needed components and with simple to follow instructions.

Smart tip

Make sure you select the lumber and the rest of the articles with great care. Therefore, check the wooden components and select only the straight ones, that don’t have visible flaws (knots, cracks, twists).  In addition, the lumber should be designed for outdoor use, therefore you have to invest in quality materials, such as pressure-treated lumber, cedar, redwood or pine. Moreover, the lumber should be dried out, otherwise it might crack or twist in time. The pine is the softest and easiest lumber to work with, but it is not as durable as the cedar and redwood. Cedar and redwood are harder and more expensive, but they will resist for many decades in a row.

How to build a shed

How to build a storage shed

How to build a storage shed

Good free shed plans are available from the website. Nonetheless, we recommend you to find several alternatives  and to make your own design, according to your own unique needs and tastes. Before starting the construction of the shed, you need to learn the basic carpentry techniques. Don’t forget to buy or rent a miter saw, as it is a great way to cut the lumber at different angles, accurately.

You can either secure the shed to a concrete slab, or you can pour several concrete footing and build a sturdy floor. If you choose to pour the concrete footings, you need one pier for each post. Moreover, if you want to obtain a professional result, you have to consult the local building codes (they provide information regarding the depth and diameter of the footings).

Smart tip

If you don’t have enough experience or time to get the job done by yourself, you should hire a general contractor or buy a wooden kit. A general contractor will get the job done accurately, but it will increase the total costs of your project. On the other hand, a shed kit is a great way to obtain a nice appearance, while keeping the expenditures under control. All the wooden components come pre-cut and the kit also contains the needed accessories, such as screws, nails and asphalt shingles.

There are lots of options when it comes to building your own storage shed, therefore the key is to plan everything from the very beginning. If you need a strong motivation, just think at the storage capacity of the shed and the way it will improve your life. Irrespective of your lifestyle, it is always a good thing to have the tools well organized.


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Square Gazebo Plans Free

15 Jun

A square gazebo plans is a great construction for any garden, especially if you like to spend your time outside and realax together with your family and friends. There are many reasons to add a gazebo to your backyard.  Most of the people like a new deck to expand the living space and to increase the value of their property with a significant percent. In addition, you would also create a space for entertaining and relaxing purposes, all at a decent cost. Nevertheless, in order to attain all these advantages, you need to start your project with a thorough planning. A properly planned gazebo will fit perfectly with your house and garden, making a smooth transition between their style and the design of your new construction.

What Does Building a Square Gazebo Imply

How to build a square gazebo

How to build a square gazebo

Building a square gazebo is a straight forward job, therefore anyone with the basic woodworking skills can get the task done without much effort. As compared to a kitchen remodel, this project won’t affect your day to day life, as the mess is kept outdoors. Therefore, you have to buy the materials and store them properly in your shed or in other are protected from water and sun. Before starting the actual construction, you should learn how to build a gazebo and with the needed techniques and methods, otherwise you could be taken aback by unpredictable situations.

First of all, you have to involve your family in the planning process, as the gazebo should reflect the personality of all the members of your family. Therefore, try to encourage them to come up with constructive ideas, or talk to a friend who has done a similar project recently. Next, you have to draw the plans, obtain the permits, choose the right technical solution, select the flooring patters, the railing design and build the gazebo in a professional manner.

Choosing the Right Gazebo Design

As you probably imagine, the gazebo design, shapes, sizes and cost can vary extensively, therefore you should select the one that fit best your needs, tastes and budget. Nevertheless, from a construction point of view, all gazebos have many things in common: you should install the posts into place, build a sturdy flooring, install the roof rafters, place the roofing sheets and set the railings into place.

In order to design the gazebo according to your unique needs and tastes, we recommend you to draw many sketches, getting the inspiration from books, magazines or from specialized sites. Moreover, if you happen to see an appealing gazebo, you should talk to the owners to see what obstacles they have faced during the construction process and how they have overcome them. Don’t be afraid to take several pictures and notes, as they could be extremely helpful when building your own square gazebo.

Advantages of a Square Gazebo

Square Gazebo Plans Free

Square Gazebo Plans Free, square gazebo design, building a gazebo step by step

Your family members might have different views regarding their ideal gazebo, therefore you should listen to their suggestions and try to harmonize them in order to obtain a result appealing to all of them. From our own experience, we think that you should plan a cooking area (a brick barbeque with several stainless steel appliances) near the gazebo, to enhance the summer afternoons spent with your family and friends. If you plan to use the barbeque often, you should consider adding a sink near the cooking area.

When planning the design of your dream square gazebo, you should also take into consideration the landscape of your garden. Therefore, position the gazebo as to take advantage of the best angles of your garden. In addition, if you want to use your gazebo after dark, you have to install proper lightning. In order to obtain a neat look, conceal the the wires so that there aren’t that visible.


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